Geospatial Engineering

Contact: Brian Anderson
Ph: 02 8882 2835

ICD’s Survey and 3D Laser Scanning (Geospatial) Group leverages experienced professionals and innovative technology. Our team brings extensive experience delivering the complete suite of survey and imaging services including 3D topographic and detail surveys across a range of commercial, residential, industrial, special use and heritage projects.

The 3D Laser Scanning technology is used to capture smart survey information and data for complex plant & assets to produce:

  • Registered point cloud
  • Colourised photogrammetry
  • 3D modelled objects
  • Animations / fly-throughs
  • As-built modelling
  • Scanstation Laser Scanning

The 3D baseline scan can be overlayed with survey and design engineering data to visualise, analyse and test future design and lifecycle.